About Dynamics 365

What is Dynamics 365?


Dynamics 365, often called ‘Dynamics CRM’, is a business system with collaboration at its heart – it helps you run your business by letting you see your customer & business data in one place, giving you insights that will grow your business and streamline your day-to-day.

Making a successful CRM part of your company DNA will bring enormous benefits like process automation, sales pipeline management, streamlined customer service ticketing, intelligent reporting – these only scratch the surface of what can you can achieve

Why Dynamics?

It’s crucial to pick the best fit for you.

Dynamics 365 is our preferred solution for three key reasons:

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“Overall, the Evorio team have expertly managed all aspects of the project in a comprehensive & professional manner. Our final product is even more powerful and sophisticated than AAG had originally envisaged, owing to Evorio’s highly trained team.”

Ashleigh Gibson

Head of Business and Development, AAG Wealth Management