Evorio delivers intelligent field service management for Florigo.

Florigo is a leading manufacturer and supplier of frying units to the catering industry, including fish and chip shops, restaurants and entertainment venues. The business, established for over 50 years is based in the Midlands and has an engineering team spread across the UK servicing over 500 customers.

The Challenge

Florigo wanted a single internal system that could be used by all divisions of the business. Up to that point Florigo was using different systems for sales and for service management which led to teams having incomplete views of customer interactions. Additionally, any service work that required invoicing to the customer involved the slow manual inputting of the job details before the customer could be billed.

A further challenge for Florigo was how they could more efficiently schedule service jobs. Improved scheduling would allow engineers to reduce the time spent travelling which would in turn allow them to address customer service jobs more rapidly.

Finally, Florigo’s current software was not sufficiently intuitive, which led to time being lost gaining access to, and interpreting, customer data.

The Solution

Evorio worked with Florigo to advise on, install and implement Dynamics 365 so that all their customer processes could be managed, actioned, and reported within a single system. The key uses and benefits of Evorio’s implementation of Dynamics 365 for Florigo are:

  • Powerful scheduling of service jobs: The central Florigo team can see all jobs that are coming in from customers or from the sales team, allocate those jobs to engineers based on their location and optimise the scheduling of jobs so they can be efficiently grouped.
  • Mobile connected engineers: All the engineers use the Dynamics 365 compatible mobile app, Resco, to record their actions, tasks and job completions.
  • Intelligent stock management:  The engineers use Dynamics 365 to record each part that they use from their van so stock can be replenished efficiently.
  • Integrated accounts and invoicing: Invoices are raised, pre-populated with the engineers’ notes and the parts used, and then seamlessly issued to the customer.
  • Data analysis to identify efficiencies: Using Dynamics 365, Florigo are able to run reports on the service team’s key performance indicators, including:
    • First-fix rates of engineers. 
    • Travel time versus on-site time.
    • Most frequently used parts. 
    • Personalised dashboards for each staff member.

The Outcome

The key benefits Florigo has experienced include:

  • More effective sales visits, with routes pre-planned, customer history immediately available, and the ability to communicate with the back office at the touch of a button.
  • More efficient scheduling of service jobs with less time spent by engineers travelling between jobs.
  • Customer opportunities and issues can now be identified and instantly allocated to the correct division for action.
  • The mobile-connected engineering team can complete all their job admin on the road.
  • More accurate stock control, stock reordering and van replenishment.
  • Seamlessly integrated, pre-populated customer invoicing.
  • Intelligent and real-time reporting for each division of the business.
  • A system that, being a Microsoft product, staff already know how to use.

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“Evorio is an honest, open and transparent company. They demonstrated the ability to deeply understand our business processes and translate that information into a very successful CRM implementation.”

Peter Swanson

Managing Director, Intertronics