Join Evorio For Our First Ever Cyber Security Based Webinar Series

We help you to connect the three things that matter most to your business – your people, processes, and data.

That includes making sure they’re protected and secure from online threats.

Join us for a three-part webinar series with our team of specialists, and special guest industry experts, to help you equip your business with the tools to build a strong and reliable cyber defence – all from the comfort of your own desk!

Part 3: Is Your Business Ready For AI?

AI technology is coming, and soon you will be able to maximise efficiency using a variety of ‘cool tools’ – but is your business ready? With the introduction of new Microsoft Copilot’s AI features into the modern workplace, there comes a whole host of benefits to productivity – however, these benefits can introduce some tricky security and licensing questions if you’re not prepared for them.

For this final Cyber Guardian webinar, we were joined by Stephen Harper from Arrow Electronics – the experts in all things Microsoft!

On Wednesday, January 17th 2024, We Discussed:

What Is Copilot?

Security Considerations To Be AI-Ready

How Copilot Will Impact Your Role

What Should I Do To Protect My Data?

Licence Considerations To Be AI Ready

Your AI Questions: Answered!

Rewatch Our Final Cyber Guardian Webinar Below!

Hosted By

Paul Buck

In Partnership With

Arrow Electronics

Part 1: People As Your First Line Of Defence

Everyone in your business has a role to play in cyber security, whether its the salesperson on the road or the office manager at their desk, it’s paramount that the people in your organisation all know how to spot the threats. Listen to us talk about the culture of cyber security as well as walk you through a demo of the tools that are out there to help you.

83% of cyber security attacks in 2022 were phishing attempts – make sure you’re prepared for when your business faces an attack.

On July 19th we discussed:

What Threats Are Out There And How We Can Help

The Culture Of Cyber Security

What Tools Are Out There To Help

View the recording here!

Part 2: Processes And Certifications To Secure Your Cyber Maturity

The processes that keep your business running need to be as secure as your people are.

View the recording below to hear about the tools and tips available to increase your cyber security, and about gaining certifications like Cyber Essentials and ISO:27001, which can make it easier to acquire cyber insurance.

This time we were joined by guest speaker Yogesh Agarwal, a cyber security expert and Executive Director of RightCue Assurance, who shared his valuable insights.

On September 13th, We Discussed:

Best Practices To Keep Your Business Secure

An Introduction To Cyber Essentials

An Overview Of ISO:27001 And IASME Cyber Assurance

What Impact This Might Have On Your Cyber Insurance

Certifications To Secure Your Cyber Maturity

Evorio’s Top 5 Security Tips Your Business Should Use

View the recording below!

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