Email Marketing:
Inbox to Impact

Email marketing getting you down?

Marketing isn’t what it was 10 years ago – don’t get caught behind the curve.

Emailing in isolation and hoping for results that you aren’t seeing? Can’t see ROI for your efforts? Need a multi-channel solution that gets your sales team the best leads?

Evorio proudly presents a LIVE and FREE webinar discussing how you can make the most of an integrated, multi-channel marketing solution, and adapt to the changing landscape of digital marketing.

Take a look at the recording to hear Lynn, Jack and Jamie discuss:

  • The Challenges Of Marketing for SMBs
  • Where Marketing Ends, And Sales Begins
  • The Merits of an Integrated, Multi-Channel Solution
  • Success Beyond the Inbox – Don’t Just Email
  • Unlocking The Power Of Automation
  • Making The Most of Your Data To Show ROI

Email Marketing: Inbox to Impact

How To Achieve Success Beyond The Inbox

Meet Your Hosts

Jack Bunce

Digital Marketing, Evorio

Lynn Blackmore-Heal

Customer Success Manager, Evorio

Jamie Drysdale

Channel Director, ClickDimensions

We’ll be joined by Jamie Drysdale from ClickDimensions – the experts in marketing technology and automation!

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