Dynamics 365 comes stocked with a host of features to streamline your marketing processes and pass the best leads to your sales team.

Integrated Marketing Solutions

Dynamics 365 gives you the building blocks for a great marketing campaign – But it can be even better for those who need more functionality and features with Dynamics bolt-ons. Take a look at some of the features*


Creating campaigns and web content should be simple and easy for anyone to pick up and learn, which is why ClickDimensions’ “drag and drop” interface for its email builder, web builder and campaign automation make it perfect for those who need an integrated marketing solution without the hassle.

Email Marketing
Web Analytics
Lead Scoring
Social Marketing
Online Forms
Campaign Automation
Subscription Management
SMS Messaging
Custom Landing Pages
Newsletter Management
Event Management

ClickDimensions has multiple packages to suit your business needs, as well as optional training and onboarding to get your users up to speed.


Your business might already be using MailChimp, which might make it perfect as an integration to your Dynamics system. MailChimp comes with another “drag and drop” interface that’s easy to pick up and play with.

MailChimp also requires a 3rd party application to integrate with Dynamics at a low monthly cost, but as it’s a simpler solution with fewer features, it’s still the cheaper option if you only need email marketing.

What Else Can

Do For Me?

Custom Campaign Automation

Create campaign automation with custom triggers and entry points to suit your needs, and even save them as templates to use for future campaigns. Send emails or texts to customers, as well as internal notifications and updates automatically. Just put in your content, triggers, and timers, and hit go! Giving you the power to market your business without even lifting a finger.

Dynamic Web Content and Landing Pages

Get detailed information about who’s visiting your website, from in-depth analytics to tracking web visits and attributing them to known leads or contacts. Design custom landing pages for quick and easy temporary pages, and embed professional web forms with limitless potential that integrate with your website seamlessly as a widget or iframe.

*Features vary by package and product.

The most important thing is that you get ROI on whichever solution you use, we can help you figure out which option that is.

Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted; the trouble is, I don’t know which half.

John Wanamaker, Former United States Postmaster General

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