Dynamics Backup And Recovery

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Recover your data and bounce back from outages, cyber-attacks, and user error, without the hassle.

But Doesn’t Dynamics Already Back Up and Restore Data?

Dynamics Online does back up your data once a day, but only allows you to carry out a full restore of your solution – not individual records. This makes restoring individual records difficult and time-consuming. Our backup solution allows you to compare your previous versions and only restore the data you need.

BenefitsEvorio’s Cloud BackupsDynamics Built In Backups
FlexibilityBacks up your data up to 4 times a day on a flexible schedule.Backs up your data once a day.
GranularityRestore individual items at a granular level with metadata and permissions intact.Only restores at an instance level and sandbox level.
Data RetentionUnlimited Data Retention, Up To One YearAutomatically backup from 7 days to 30 days.
ComparisonCompare different backup instances before you restore.Comparisons aren’t available

Evorio Cloud Backups Cover All Online Core And Customer Engagement Packages

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  • Dynamics For Sales
  • Dynamics For Customer Service
  • Dynamics For Field Service
  • Dynamics For Project Operations

Recovery Testing

All businesses have a disaster recovery plan, but be honest, when was the last time you checked yours?

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