Refer A New Client And Receive £250

The simple act of sharing a cup of tea and a pastry with a connection is one of the backbones of good business – it brings people together. Just like the sharing of referrals brings businesses together and strengthens our shared network!

We’d love you to consider anyone in your network who would benefit from our services… or from sharing a cup of tea with us!

There is £250 in it for you, either as cash, voucher or as a donation to your chosen charity, and £250 to the individual or business you refer to us – payable upon payment of the first invoice*.

We will also buy you both a cup of tea, and donate clothing and transport to two people without a home so they can attend work placement – one each on behalf of you and the referee.

We’re Donating To St. James For Every Referral!

We’re proud to announce that, as part of our referral programme, we’ll be supporting The Society Of St. James in their quest to end homelessness and provide pathways off of the streets for those without homes.

With every proposal we send, we’ll provide transport and clothing to two people without a home, so they can attend work placement or training, all through St. James – on behalf of both you and the referee.

£250 to you, £250 to the referee, and clothes for those who need it – it’s a win-win-win!

*£250 gift payable upon receipt of payment for the referee’s first invoice with a minimum value of £2,500. Should the first invoice be less than £2,500, the £250 will be payable upon the referee’s total spend with Evorio reaching £2,500. For any more information or questions, email

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“Evorio is an honest, open and transparent company. They demonstrated the ability to deeply understand our business processes and translate that information into a very successful CRM implementation.”

Peter Swanson

Intertronics CEO