Starting January 1st, basic authentication will be disabled permanently, with no exceptions, but who will this affect?

Those who use Dynamics 365 on-premise and the email router application with Office 365 Exchange, letting you send emails from CRM and route them through Office 365 Exchange. The connection between the two uses basic authentication, which Microsoft is disabling and will cease to work in January 2023 – if you don’t take action, your emails could stop working entirely in CRM

So what action can you take?

The best course of action is to migrate to server-side sync. This would allow you to use more modern and secure authentication techniques to connect to Exchange, and is overall a better solution to synchronizing emails, contacts, appointments, and the other things your business needs to run as efficiently as possible.

But what is server-side sync?

Server-side sync provides direct app-to-email server synchronization. When connecting your Dynamics 365 system to Exchange, this will include emails, contacts, tasks, and appointments. Any data being synchronized can be controlled by your business using filters available to the system’s users

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However, server-side sync is not a straightforward migration – This is where Evorio can help.

We have experience in migrating businesses to server-side sync and can get your business up and running with the latest and most secure modern authentication techniques.

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