You better watch out, you better not cry……if you’re still using pen and paper to manage your corporate Christmas card / gift list, then Santa Claus is not coming to your town! This may feel like a quick option, but here are a couple of reasons why you should throw the list in the bin now that it’s 2022:

  • It’s probably just on one person’s desk and not visible to everyone in the business who may be engaging with the customer. A single view of all interaction with a customer is a key driver of success, and that’s why this information should be centralised in your CRM system.
  • It gets out of date as soon as you’ve licked the last stamp. New customer wins, lapsed customers, hot leads you’re trying to convert….none of this information will be reflected in a manual list without someone taking ownership of updating it each time. Adding / removing people by changing a field in CRM keeps your data clean and your Christmas list dynamic
  • Lists get lost – who had it last? Linda? Bob? Losing a list that determines how you’re going to ‘love your customers’ at Christmas and thank them for their business during the year means rework and headache.

So this is why you should manage your Christmas lists in CRM – and stay on the nice list with the big man.

Watch our video to see a little of how we do it!