Can You See The Future Of Your CRM?

Chances are, if you haven’t built a strategic plan with visions and goals, you will struggle to realise the full potential of your system. This is because often the requirements are collated by a group of stakeholders that only represent one function in your business, or because they too drastically change your existing processes and procedures without buy-in from operational teams who then feel burdened by the change….or because simply not knowing what end product you are aiming for means it is nigh on impossible to evaluate whether you have achieved it or not.

Our MD, Paul, talks at length about this at the Talk Transformation events we hold at The Shard, and below we share a small snippet of this wisdom from our latest event back in September (2022).


Ask yourself:

  • Does my business have a joined-up vision for our CRM implementation (or CRM enhancements)?
  • Do I have measurable goals in place to help me achieve this vision?
  • Does my vision for the CRM align with my business?


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