Microsoft Teams is about to get even better.

Microsoft’s chief collaboration and communication platform, Teams, has become the foundation for modern hybrid working – and it’s about to get even better! Launching in February 2023, Microsoft will offer a paid version known as Microsoft Teams Premium, joining the existing version that’s included in all Microsoft 365 business packages. But what does this mean for you and I? What’s the difference between these two versions? And most importantly, is it worth upgrading?

What do you get with Teams Premium?

The biggest addition in Teams Premium would be new AI (Artificial Intelligence) features. Microsoft is betting on AI becoming a bigger part of our lives in the coming years, investing billions of dollars to make sure that it does. With this in mind they’ve added multiple AI-powered features to Teams Premium, focusing on improving communication between cultures, and enhancing collaboration.

Intelligent Recap
  • Intelligent Recap will use AI to automatically summarise meetings
  • Teams will identify the important points and any actionable items
  • It can even provide insights into attendees’ engagement levels – a useful feature for those who need to stay informed and on track.


  • Live translation can translate a person’s speech in real-time, and in over 40 spoken languages. Even better, if the meeting organizer has Teams Premium, all attendees can enjoy live translated captions regardless of their Teams package.

To preview live translation and other Teams Premium features, click here.

Some other key features
  • Even better security, with watermarked content and video feeds
  • End-to-end encryption for important and confidential meetings
  • SMS reminders and branded lobby rooms – a fantastic way of improving and personalising the customer experience
  • You won’t need to download the Teams app on mobile devices – you’ll be able to access the meeting from your choice of web browser (although the mobile app will still be available if you prefer)

These new features are all designed to make communication, collaboration, and teamwork easier and more productive. These features enable users to be more focused and on-task, give better insights during meetings, and share relevant information easily with one another, without a language barrier.

Who is Teams Premium aimed at?

Microsoft Teams Premium is a one-stop-shop for collaboration and communication tailored for businesses who want to streamline their team’s workflow and maximise their efficiency. Microsoft is giving you the power of AI technology to improve your productivity and your communication, both internally and to your customers.

Businesses that need to comply with regulatory standards will find the enhanced security features are worth the price alone to protect sensitive data and make sure what needs to be confidential, stays confidential.

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